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Academic Empaths

or, "Yes, not all of us are woo-woo."

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This community is for empaths, or those who are interested in the phenomenon of empathy. For our purposes, "empathy" will mean the perception and understanding of others' emotions in a way that is qualitatively different from simple sympathy or external analysis, but rather, a more *internal* sort of qualia.

The main point will be to talk about how these phenomena work - finding (or doing) research, discussing neural theories, dicussing social psych theories, etc. Essentially, anything about empathy from an academic, logical, and (hopefully) testable perspective is on topic. That's the central case, of course; feel free to extend it - the important part is the perspective.

What makes this community different is that it is meant for those of us for whom it is *not* a "woo-woo" thing, or at least, who can approach it in a non-woo way. Ask yourself this:

* Do you perceive yourself under constant psychic attack?
* Do you cry uncontrollably at sad movies?
* Does the sentence "c u 2 l8r" looks good to you?
* Do you believe that your Guardian Spirit (or equivalent) is responsible for your experiences?
* Do you want someone to tell you whether or not you're empathic?
* Do you firmly believe in radical solipsism?

... if you said yes, this is probably the wrong place for you. Try empaths. (Though if you said yes to that last one, you're liable to start a flamewar...)


* Can you explain the difference between causality and correlation, and how to design a research study to tell the two apart?
* Are you familiar with the work of Paul Ekman, Vittorio Gallese, or Marco Iacoboni?
* Do you have a background in neurology, psychology, sociology, cognitive science, medicine, or related fields?

... if so, then welcome!