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New book on empathy

Empathy and Fairness is the proceedings of a symposium on empathy, held in London in 2005.


  1. Chris Frith - Introduction
  2. Vittorio Gallese - Embodied simulation: from mirror neuron systems to interpersonal relations
  3. Tania Singer - The neuronal basis of empathy and fairness
  4. Marc Hauser - What's fair? The unconscious calculus of our moral faculty
  5. Josep Call and Keith Jensen - Chimpanzees may recognize motives and goals, but may not reckon on them
  6. Nancy Eisenberg - Empathy-related responding and prosocial behaviour
  7. General discussion
  8. Paul A. M. Van Lange, Marcello Gallucci, Johan C. Karremans, Anthon Klapwijk and Chris Reinders Folmer - A social interaction analysis of empathy and fairness
  9. Raymond A. Mar and C. Neil Macrae - Triggering the intentional stance
  10. R. James, R. Blair - Dissociable systems for empathy
  11. Ralph Adolphs - Looking at other people: mechanisms for social perception revealed in subjects with focal amygdala damage
  12. Jonathan Wolff - Models of distributive justice
  13. Frédérique de Vignemont - When do we empathize?
  14. Robert Frank - Cooperation through moral commitment
  15. Final discussion
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