Voyae (chrysalis) wrote in academic_empath,

Interesting in hearing opinions.

Though I am part of the "woo woo" family as you call it, I am aware of the distinct objective definition of empathy in the standard sense. My impression is that empathy is the ability to empathize with another person and their viewpoint, situation, emotions, etc.

I've started meeting people who are unskilled at this to different degrees, either due to one's life history or because they have something like Asperger's. It has got me wondering what the official clinical definition is, what is considered "standard" for the majority of people assuming there is a standard, and what label psychology likes using when it encounters someone without it (again, assuming there is a standard.) Obviously sociopaths lack empathy but there's more to that diagnosis than being without empathy so that doesn't work.

I'd love to read everyone's opinions and comments. :)
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