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New book on empathy

A social-psychological perspective on empathy:

Karsten R. Stueber - Rediscovering Empathy: Agency, Folk Psychology, and the Human Sciences, MIT Press, Cambridge (Massachusetts), London, 2006


1 Empathy and Knowledge of Other Minds: A Historical Perspective
2 Arguing for Empathy Systematically
3 Brief Excursus: Empathy, Sympathy, and Social Psychology

1 Folk Psychology and Rational Agency
1.1 Eliminativism and the Allure of the Detached Conception of Folk Psychology
1.2 Humans as Rational Animals: Clearing Up a Confusion in the Rationality Debate

2 Charity and Rational Contextualism
2.1 In Defense of Global Charity
2.2 Rational Contextualism versus Bounded Rationality

3 The Theory of Mind Debate
3.1 The Theory-Theory Paradigm
3.2 The Simulation Paradigm

4 Basic Empathy and Reenactive Empathy
4.1 Mindreading, Folk-Psychological Concepts, and Mirror Neurons
4.2 The Essential Contextuality and Indexicality of Thoughts as Reasons

5 Folk Psychology and Normative Epistemology
5.1 Empathy, Folk-Psychological Predictions, and Explanations

6 The Limits of Empathy
6.1 Objections and Misconceptions in the Philosophy of Social Science
6.2 Empathy and the Prejudicial Nature of Understanding

Concluding Remarks
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