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Welcome to an introduction/lurk post.

Because I like to be known. Mostly I intend to read these posts, but there may be a time in the future when I intend to make posts of my own. Probably when I get into the Sociology/Psychology/Criminology courses I want in University next fall. Assuming I manage to get into them.

That said, on with an introduction of sorts, because we all always want to know just who that new person is doing here.

I'm Amie, you can call me as such because I don't like my username here would be something I named a horse. And horses are not people. There's a joke I'm sure I can make there but just by putting my fingers in motion I loose credibility, like all people. Objects appear smarter at a distance. And that applies to me as well.

I try very hard not to talk about things that I don't know about with any kind of certainty. My views and beliefs will often be stamped with a grade of approval and set out for the world to see.

Neurological Psychology hurts my head. It hurts my head a lot.

But I am a strong believer in social psychology and people in reaction to others. How does this relate to empathy? If I'm asked I might try and put it to words. It's kind of hard for me sometimes. Most of these sociology 'things' come from past experiences and teachings from my mother, (Mmm... Freud,) as opposed to classes taught. I have never attended a universiy psychology/sociology class because... well I've never been to university. I've never attended a psychology or sociology class in highschool because I have found the teachers of those in the school I attend to be substandard. In the sociology class matter it helps that my school doesn't offer that as a class.

I have taken a one term long course in Criminology and loved it to peices. But then agian, that is highschool and so very NOT on standard with university.

I also buy Sociology/psychology text books whenever I can get my paws on them.

Aside from that. I lack formal education.

My most basic views on empathy are not "Oh em gees I'm PSYKICK!" And more along the lines of how people read other people. Tone of voice, body posture, and expanding into facial muscles and which muscles tense speak what. I lack again, the education to base or claim upon theories for empathy on a larger/more profound scale.

This is getting long, but good morning, afternoon, evening wherever you are if you read this, and hello.
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