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Physical data?

I was about to add this as a comment to the previous post, then thought I'd make it a general post instead.

I was thinking about my university training, which included a lot of experimental science. We were taught things like working out what was statistically valid, but also about things like designing your recording metric to give you usable data at the end, and *also* (key point) about choosing, designing and building (where necessary) the equipment that would measure what you were looking for. We got taught this partly by osmosis, but it was an essential component of the idea that we were likely to be asking research questions that answers weren't readily available to given current technology. After all, the current technology was based on what we *already* knew.

So I was thinking about the statistical stuff from the post before, and the need for objectively recorded data, and wondering if you tried to measure *physical* data (as opposed to recording people's descriptions of their perceptions), what would you want to measure? Brainwaves? Brain activity? Circulation? Hormone flow? I'm just wondering what thoughts people have on this, to start to work out if it would be possible to design a wearable data collector of some sort that could record objective physical data 24/7. There'd also be issues of how you calibrated it and what you were looking for, too.
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