Sai (saizai) wrote in academic_empath,

Empathy proof?

So the question: how would you design something to prove conclusively that empathy exists - or at least, that you can do something unexplainable by more Ockhamish means - that would meet those (fairly simple) standards?

Personally, I find it a bit perplexing, given that this is a) mainly an issue of experience on the receiver's part; b) hard to rigorously sample (one could use double-blind emotional self-assessment reports, perhaps?); and c) not easily discernable from (if actually different from in the first place) observation of physical emotional affect. PLUS the fact that, at least for me, there are a pretty diverse set of factors going in to how 'empathic' I rate myself to be for a given interaction - it isn't exactly something one can do on demand in a constant manner.

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